For otome fans; there’s lots to look forward to if you have a Vita (sadly i do not ╥﹏╥)

Aside from the Hakuouki x Amnesia Vita Pack, Diabolik Lovers has a Limited V Edition released December 19th (the same day as the Otomate Vita Pack). Also a new Amnesia game called Amnesia World, I think its really mini-gameish and nothing really hugely plot wise.  Hakuouki SSL is apparently for Vita! I didn’t really expect that, but honestly since they didn’t announce right away it was for PSP I was thinking it must be for some other system. Both Amnesia World and Hakuouki SSL will be released in Spring 2014 but no further date announced.

ugh now I really wish I had a Vita (゜´Д`゜)

09 September 2013
tagged: #otomate #otome #psvita #amnesia #hakuouki #hakuouki ssl #diabolik lovers #hakuoki
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    I should try out otome games. :d I should really finish FFTactics first
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