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My name is Theresa, I absolutely love anime and video games. I really enjoy playing Otome games. I'm a multi-fandom blog! If you wish to know what fandoms, check out my tags or about me. I love to make graphics/gifs on photoshop.

My dream goal is to become a voice actress. I'm mostly known as Estellise.

i still think the naruto and sasuke fight is still going to happen like maybe after the war is done they’ll fight because men have to talk about their feelings with their fists and after the battle they’ll be laying next to each other with rain pouring on their face like in their first battle but then they’ll start laughing and realize they are actually bff and it will be so gay that kishimoto will explode after drawing it

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    I agree. Naruto never got the chance to have a brother and brother fight against Sasuke. He may get that chance now.
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    udontunderstand this is what i’ve been praying for since forever
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